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iPad edition of Standard Mandarin released

11.04.2014 04:25:15

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It has the same features as the iPhone edition. Features include:

  • Hear all pinyin sounds pronounced
  • Anatomy animations visualizing how to use your facial muscles
  • Pronunciation Guide. Both a long elaborate description as well as a short concise description for each sound in Mandarin Chinese.
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Paint by Chinese character

21.03.2014 04:14:25

As a follow-up to the previous blog post, here is another "paint by"-pdf. This time the exercise is not about recognizing the radical, instead it is a "paint by Chinese character". There is also a lot more colors in it.

Below is a preview of the file. Please click here to download it.

kids learn chinese paint by chinese character bird beak

Paint by Radical for Children

11.03.2014 09:36:04

It is becoming increasingly popular to enroll toddlers and small children in Chinese lessons. How do you motivate them to learn Chinese?

Being a father myself, I know the challenge of teaching a western kid Chinese. It is absolutely not an easy task.

If you are facing the same challenge, perhaps you have made your own experiences in this regard. Please let me know what you have found, you are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Thank You In Chinese

06.03.2014 12:35:54

How do you say "thank you" in Chinese? It is very straightforward.

谢谢你 xièxiè nǐ  
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It literally means: Thank you

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How to Learn Chinese While Sleeping

14.12.2013 14:31:06

Little Girl Sleep Learning Chinese With Headphones Teddy Bear 

Please do read on! This blog post will not waste your time with unscientific babbling.

Is it really possible to do so-called "sleep-learning"? What is sleep-learning? In short, sleep-learning is to listen to some audio recording while you're asleep, in the hope that you'll somehow recall the content when you wake up.

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