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Infographic - 3 vs 4 Points On Chinese Pronunciation, The Easy And The Hard

08.10.2013 13:18:20

Have you thought of what makes Chinese pronunciation easy? Well, most learners of Chinese can easily see what makes it hard. Just identifying the easy and the hard parts of it, might actually give you that extra knowledge which it takes to master Mandarin pronunciation.

Let's start with the easy part. Even though these points may seem simple, many never thought about it.

Infographic Chinese Pronunciation Easy Prononciation systematized in pinyin makes it learnableCan you imagine if there was no pinyin or any other form of soundscript? You would have to memorize the pronunciation for each of the many thousands of words you'd have to learn. That is almost the way foreigners learn English. Even though there are some phonetic systems for English, only few use it thinking they can read the word directly anyway.

We are very lucky the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation is not more complicated than that it can all be fitted into a phonetic system such as pinyin. Other wise it would hardly be learnable.

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Standard Mandarin Blog Created

20.08.2013 00:00:00

Finally, I took the time to create a blog on the Standard Mandarin website. I intend to add all the minor pieces of information, which are closely related to the niche of the Standard Mandarin website, but which I still can't seem to find the right place for.

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