Infographic - 3 Reasons For Learning Chinese Pronunciation First

05.10.2013 06:02:27

This is the first blog post in a series to cover the contents of the infographic "Facts About Chinese Pronunciation in Plain English" Below is a snippet of it. Please click this link to view the whole infographic.

Let me introduce you to the characters in the infographic. The little girl on the left is Daisy, she is half Chinese and half western. Then there is the Chinese girl, we'll call her Daidai and then there is the western guy - John.

Infographic on Chinese Pronunciation and Pinyin: Three reasons for learning pronunciation first 

The Reasons

So what reasons are there for starting with learning the pronunciation part of the Chinese language? It can seem so hard.

Reason One - Foundation

When it comes to learning Chinese, pronunciation is hard to master for most foreigners. But no matter what you're going to say in Chinese, pronunciation will always be required. As soon as you master the pronunciation, it becomes so much easier to add more vocabulary and phrases. You will not have to struggle with the pronunciation of each new word, you just need to hear it once and you can say it perfectly immediately after.

Aiming at mastering the pronunciation first will give the great foundation you need to successfully learn Mandarin Chinese.

Reason Two - Instant Payback

It's awesome to have a great vocabulary or to have perfect grammar, but none of them will benefit you from the very first day.

Master pronunciation and any word or phrase you say will benefit from it immediately.

Reason Three - No Unlearning

It is almost impossible - if not absolutely impossible - to avoid getting something learned wrong. Whatever you learned wrong will stick with you for a long time, all the way until you do something deliberately about it.

Correcting one's own use of words learned wrong, can be quite difficult to fix. Fixing wrong pronunciation can be even harder.

Wrong pronunciation can be the hardest thing to unlearn. There is a simple way to avoid having to unlearn too much. Learn Chinese pronunciation properly before your brain and facial muscles has already decided how it wants to produce those odd Chinese sounds.

Take control, learn Chinese starting with the pronunciation.

Get the Standard Mandarin software to do just that.

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