Thank You In Chinese

06.03.2014 12:35:54

How do you say "thank you" in Chinese? It is very straightforward.

谢谢你 xièxiè nǐ  
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It literally means: Thank you

The shortest and easiest way is to express thanks is:

谢谢 xièxiè  
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Which character for character would mean: "thank thank". Still, I would translate it "thanks".

There is more to thanking than meets the eye

In English there is a whole range of ways one may express gratitude of varying degree. Naturally, Chinese is the same.

What if one would want to show greater appreciation?

Then you could consider saying:

非常谢谢 fēicháng xièxiè Click here to hear it

or perhaps even

非常感谢 fēicháng gǎnxiè Click here to hear it

which is even more formal and profound.



You may find that all of these a little too mainstream. You could also try something different, which will rely a little more on your tone of voice and facial expression than on the stiff wording. Try this one:

多谢 duōxiè Click here to hear it

The Chinese often repeat a word to emphasize it. Sometimes repeating a word would become a little too much, but in this case it would often be fine.

In my experience it people were much more likely to overreact in response to this. Nowadays people are just accepting this as an expression of thanks.


Next time you receive something from a Chinese person, try out some of these variations and feel the joy whelming up as your language understanding advances and refines

多谢 duōxiè, 多谢 duōxiè :-)

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