iPad edition of Standard Mandarin released

11.04.2014 04:25:15

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Standard Mandarin now goes well with your iPad, and the app costs nothing!

It has the same features as the iPhone edition. Features include:

  • Hear all pinyin sounds pronounced
  • Anatomy animations visualizing how to use your facial muscles
  • Pronunciation Guide. Both a long elaborate description as well as a short concise description for each sound in Mandarin Chinese.

Download it now from the App Store

If you're already using the iPhone edition of the app, and have unlocked content in it, then that content will also be available in the iPad edition of the app.

Learn Chinese pinyin and pronunciation with Standard Mandarin iPad and iPhone app

Free Toolbox

Chinese tools for pinyin conversion and annotationA new tools section has been added to StandardMandarin.com. It already has a number of highly useful tools. Here is a short summary of some of them.

Pinyin Conversion

Did you ever need to quickly write a pinyin text, but didn't know how to actually get those tone marks added? Here is the solution: Pinyin Conversion (and it is completely free to use)

This tool will convert your pinyin text with numbers to regular pinyin with tone marks, just as it should be. For example, if you type "ni3 hao3", then it will give you "nǐ hǎo".

Try out the Pinyin Conversion tool here

Pinyin Annotation

Have you tried getting a lengthy Chinese text, and wonder what all those nice-looking but complex Chinese characters mean? Here is the solution: Chinese Pinyin Annotation (and it is completely FREE as well)

For example: If you insert 学习汉语很好玩, then it will output this in a print-friendly format:

Chinese Pinyin Annotation Sample

Chinese Idioms

Would you like to spice up your Chinese language skill with a few good old Chinese sayings? Here is a tool that might help you. It is a search tool that will allow you to quickly browse through thousands of Chinese idioms.

Please click here to open it. It is completely free to use.

Did you see the Infographic on Chinese Pinyin and Pronunciation?

Chinese Pinyin Annotation Sample

The infographic was released already a long time ago, but the entire explanation of it wasn't provided in the previous newsletter.

It consists of 6 main sections, that are all elaborated on in each their own blog post. Click the links below to see them individually

This infographic is a great supplement to the Standard Mandarin software for learning pronunciation and pinyin. If you've been struggling with Chinese pronunciation, then you're probably going to find a few bits of amusement here. If you're still struggling with it, then you might be able to learn a few things from this alternative teaching aid.

Check out the entire infographic Facts about Chinese pronunciation in plain English (It's free)

What would you like to see more of?

Your opinion is very important to me and the StandardMandarin.com website. Please share your thoughts on whatever StandardMandarin.com content you're interested in. It helps me improve the website and add more value.

What would you like to see more of in the future?

New idioms and fresh phrases

The Chinese Phrases section is growing! Here is a few samples of some of the new content to be found in the section:

A few new phrases
To shop around
Money is not everything but it sure helps
To bargain or haggle over price

..and a lot more

New logo

Standard Mandarin logo 2014Did you notice the new logo? What it is supposed to look like?

StandardMandarin.com has had quite a few different logos during the years. Hopefully, this logo will work out better than the previous ones.

Imagine a speech bubble which - when opened - proves to contain Mandarin Chinese. That is basically what the logo is supposed to illustrate. Do you see it?

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Happy Chinese learning!

Joel Hansen

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