Sentence Structure - How To Play

Sentence Structure - How To Play

Do you see the second gray bar below here? It says Construct this followed by a sentence. It is your goal to construct that sentence as fast as possible! You need to pick those words in the blue boxes below, which will allow you to construct the corresponding Chinese sentence.

Let us say that the Chinese sentence you need to construct is "I love you".

Then in the first column you would pick: Wǒ 我
In the second column you would pick: ài 爱
And in the third column you would pick: nǐ 你

Just like the illustration to the right

When you have successfully constructed the target sentence, then a new sentence will appear, and you need to change your selection accordingly.

In the end, when you have constructed all the required sentences, the game is over and you can submit you score to the highscore table.

Be aware that there are different factors contributing to the calculation of your score, namely : (1) Time, (2) clicks, (3) correct and wrong sentences

Try out the different lessons by clicking on them below.

There will be added more lessons gradually, so check back soon to practice more Chinese grammar and sentence building.

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